Other branches

Designs of underground structure, water mains and sewer systems, their repairs and reconstructions form the main part of our activities. At the same time we also occupy ourselves in a wide range of activities which more or less are connected with designing. These "additional" activities form a significant part of our portfolio, and as we like to say: "We are the best in it."

In the area of issues related to underground structures and sewer system there is nothing we would not be skillful at, and that is why we present here only
rough summary of our other activities

  • grouting of soils
  • static and geotechnical calculations
  • construction supervision
  • special designing and consultancy activities, e.g. for producers of sewerage system fittings or for operators of sewerage systems
  • Engineering activity
  • feasibility study and cost&benefit building projects analyses, these are basic parts of the application form for financial grant of EU

Demonstration of development of stress and deformation of the rock massif at implementing of the tunnel routes with divided excavation