We offer

  • project documentation from study up to implementation
  • new conduits, both reconstruction and emergency
  • engineering activity
  • hydro-technical calculations
  • independent expert opinions

Sewer systems and water mains

In the area of sewer systems we are engaged in designing of new sewer drain-lines, reconstructions and repairs of emergencies. "Due to” the conditions of Prague sewerage network resulting most of all from its age we have gained experiences needed for reconstructions and emergencies. With regards to the engineering network density in the streets and ground communications in Prague our designs often use non-excavation technologies (modern methods - cracking, micro-tunneling, relining, etc. or traditional methods such as lining with tunnel bricks). Often it is the only possible solution. We also carry out designs of reconstructions of complicated sewerage buildings (well holes, interconnected chambers). The spectrum of activities at water mains is same as at the sewerage systems – reconstructions, repairs, and new proposals for water supply for population. A quality hydro-technical evaluation carried out by the means of calculation methods can be taken for granted. At reconstructing the modern non-excavation methods of laying and repairs of pipes are even more applied. The firm has rich experiences with projects of all levels – starting with studies up to detailed documentation of realization