Motto of the firm

"We enjoy life and sports. We work to get it."

Business information

Trade name:
KO-KA Ltd.

Legal form:
limited liability company
Municipal Court of Prague, Section C, File 51132

Establishment date:
April 1st, 1997

Registered address:
Na Výšinách 16
170 00 Praha 7 – Holešovice

Office address:
Thákurova 7
166 29 Praha 6 – Dejvice

IČO: 25 11 72 97
DIČ: CZ 25 11 72 97

History, present and objectives

Promoters of the company KO-KA Ltd. met in the 80`s of the last century on the professional basis, at that time as the independent designers or main engineers of the project in the national enterprise company Interprojekt. Besides general professional interests in the area of collector system in Prague they have had common extra-work activities, in particular skiing, tennis and water sports. This mutual symbiosis has resulted in repeated harmonic union after few fruitless years of separation after upheaval year 1989 and subsequent functioning at different employers. This above-described process logically completed in the year 1997 by establishing an own designing office with rather exotic name KO-KA Ltd. It is Czech play on words. KO-KA is an abbreviation of two Czech words, KOlektory - which means collectors, and KAnalizace - which means sewer systems, but KO-KA sounds the same as KOKA = a plant cocca in Czech. Based on decoding the abbreviation the relationship with completely different fields of business activities is clearly eliminated, and the potential customers are informed on everything what they need to know about the company

The company KO-KA Ltd. is one of the organizers of the accredited professional workshops within the lifelong education and training of their members ČKAIT


The executive officers of the company are the members of the Czech Tunneling Committee ITA/AITES and furthermore the members of the association for non-excavation technologies CzSTT (No Dig).

Our company is as one of few designing firms authorized by the National Security Office for familiarizing with restricted facts to the degree of reserved items. Hence we are able to participate in projects related to the matters of national security (to the stage "reserved").