Documents of our expertise and proffessionalism

Expertise and certification

Our main field of activity is designing of underground and water management construction and buildings of urban infrastructure. In particular, the sewer system, water mains, cable trenches, collectors, traffic and technical tunnels are concerned. Furthermore, we are also engaged in grouting of soils, static designs, expert ´s opinions and engineering activities. The underground structures form a part of the most difficult building activities and a guarantee of a good project is only a high technical skill of the processor.

Our designing office has 3 branches of authorization - urban engineering, geotechnics a water-management structures. At the same time we are a holder of the certificate for designing of activities carried out by mining methods, issued by the Mining office in Kladno. At the same time the company has introduced and maintained the quality management system for the designing and engineering activity meeting the requirements of construction works. ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001. We are able to provide other qualifications required through reliable sub-suppliers. We cooperate with the academic workers of health engineering department, geotechnics department, department of performance of structures at CTU (Czech Technical University) and laboratories of ecological hazards of municipal drainage. This cooperation is facilitated with the help of locating the company office in the ČVUT Praha, Faculty of Civil Engineering .

The executive officers of the company are members of the Czech tunnel committee ITA/AITES and furthermore the members of the association for non-excavation technologies CzSTT (No Dig).

Our company is as one of few designing firms audited by the National Security Office for familiarizing with restricted facts to the stage elected. Therefore we are also able to participate in projects which relate to the national security (to the stage "restricted").